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Another regular stop for the TrialGP series this year’s excursion to the mountainous principality of Andorra comes just a week before the TrialGP France and is therefore ideally suited for those fans who want to take in two events over back-to-back weekends. Fly into Barcelona or Toulouse airport before making the scenic transfer to this stunning location. The steep sided, huge rocky valley that defines the southern part of Andorra is the backdrop for one of the most unforgiving venues in the calendar.

High altitude, hot weather and super gruelling sections have earned Andorra its tough reputation and is a real test for even the top riders. Whilst most of the sections are grouped close together high on the hillside, the town centre of Sant Julia will house the paddock / start area and opening / closing section, which will also be used for Saturday’s Qualification. With plenty of well-priced hotels close to hand and the added bonus of being able to pick up some tax-free gifts, Andorra is well worth a visit.


Sant Julia de Loria
Principat D’Andorra


TrialGP - Trial2 - Trial125


Starting area: 900m / Maximum sections: 1600m

Time difference

GMT/UTC +1 hour

Nearest Airports

Toulouse airport - 220km / Barcelona airport - 225km

Tourist Information

Visit Andorra - - +376 891 190

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