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For the second year in a row the spiritual city of Lourdes will host the TrialGP France, this says much about this venue in a country that has had nearly as many venues as it has had Grand Prix events over the last forty years or so. You do not have to be a believer to enjoy and appreciate the cultural side of the location, as the sheer scale and intricate architecture of the riverside place of worship will leave you speechless. The MotoGP style tarmac paddock is situated close to the city centre and with the main group of sections just a short walk up the hill, spectators are well catered for.

Also host of several World downhill mountain bike races, Lourdes with its abundance of hotels is used to hosting high-level events. This year TrialGP France will be contested over a more compact course, with valuable lessons learnt from last season’s inaugural, with new spectacular hazards having been added to the main spectator area. With it being a relatively short trip from the previous event in Andorra, these two TrialGP events are the ideal excuse for a European summer road trip. The TrialGP France will incorporate the first ever TrialE Cup – for electric bikes – that will be contested over just this one event.


Esplanade du Paradis a Lourdes
Lourdes 65100


TrialGP - Trial2 - Trial125 - TrialE


Starting area: 378m / Maximum sections: 475m

Time difference

GMT/UTC +1 hour

Nearest Airports

Tarbes Lourdes airport - 10km / Toulouse airport - 177km

Tourist Information

Lourdes Info Tourisme - - +39 562 427 740

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